November 2, 2015

Oxygen Factory P.

We had spent a lot of time in the abandoned children's sanatorium, and since we were about 350 kilometers from home and it was already well past noon, there was probably only time left for one more location.
First, we tried the cultural center that was right at the center of the same city as the sanatorium, so it would've been nice to have a second location without too much distance to cover. But circling the building with the car, we could alsready see that it was ealed so tightly that there was no way in and we decided to head for the next option.
That next option proved to be a great decision.
We had decided on the Nazi's oxygen fuel factory at the V-2 site in Peenemünde.
The historical relevance of this place is obvious, and in fact, most of the main V-2 site has been turned into a museum, but some relics have been abandoned and are off limits to the public - including the oxygen factory.
We had to drive a while to get there, past many other potential sites (all promising, but none as prominent as the oxygen factory), until we finally got to the location. Conventiently enough, there was a public parking lot right next to it.
So we just had to get out of the car, crawl under the fence and we were in.
The building is in fact magnificent, I think.
In spite of the terrors it represents, its construction in the traditional form of a basilica together with the afternoon light made for a fantastic atmosphere, especially with the beginning spring letting the first leaves come out.
We were not the only people there; there were some twenty-somethings taking photos (I really hate it when people don't react friendly when you greet them with a friendly Hi on location!) and as we left, there was a couple of senior citizens (I'd think around 65 or 70), and while the woman was waiting in the car, the man crawled under the fence just as we did and started looking around.

Here are some impressions from a nice afternoon ion a great location.
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