November 26, 2015

Estate House R.

This abandoned mansion was the third spot on my tour with two girls who I'd originally made contact with in an urban exploration forum. On that particular tour we had visited a hospital and an underground bunker, so it felt logical to choose something residential for our third location.
It was a pretty short drive from the bunker, but once we got there, my worst fears came true - although the building itself looked accessible, there were far too many people around for us to just slip in.
The area right next to the mansion belongs to a farm with riding stables and the riding arena facing the main door.
The building is also pretty much at the center of this part of the village and there are lots of neighbors around. The only possible parking place that wasn't outside the city limits happened to be right in front of the building. Very inconspicuous to be parking there...

So we decided to be straightforward about it. I got out of the car and walked towards a lady who was walking her dog and was obviously one of the neighbors. I explained to her what we were up to and asked if she knew who we might ask if it was possible to enter the building.
Her answer was priceless. "Oh, you can go right in, the door is open."
She said there is nothing in there but decay and that the door had been kicked in some time ago and that it's never been repaired. I asked her again if it's really okay, and she said there is no one that we could ask, so we should go right ahead.
It almost seemed as if almost everyone in the village had gotten curious at some point and checked the place out.
In any case, this was a delightfully open community that didn't seem to have a problem with us exploring the old place and it was a nice tour through a surprisingly unvandalized place.

To find out more about the history of this mansion and to check out all photos from this interesting spot, click the button below!

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  1. Great captures! These images are haunting, yet you have to wonder the lives that lived within the walls.


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