November 22, 2023

Tour Report: Railway Repair Factory "Fields of Green"

This abandoned former railway repair workshop was the last location we visited during our summer vacation in 2019.
As we still had a few kilometers to go by car, we started relatively early and made our way to the old industrial ruin.
The site is located directly on a busy road with plenty of parking spaces, so we quickly found a parking space and were able to look around for an entrance. We found it very quickly, as the main gate was open. There were no prohibition signs or anything like that, so we were able to stroll into the grounds without a care in the world.
First we took a look at the remaining outdoor facilities, then we set about exploring the factory halls.
Unfortunately, a photographer and his model were also passing the time in the factory halls, so that we were not completely undisturbed and had to interrupt our walk again and again to wait for the photographer to get the picture in the box. What often annoys me about this kind of thing is that "model photographers" expect you to wait until they are finished with their pictures - but they themselves don't seem to be able to do this and march right through the middle of the picture without any ifs or buts and start setting up their stuff.
Well, you're above it all and can overlook other people's character flaws without letting them spoil your mood.
In any case, we took all the time we needed to really take a close look at every factory hall. We particularly liked the vegetation inside the halls. Most of the rooms were decorated with varying degrees of vegetation - sometimes just bushes and ferns, but sometimes also real trees. We are always amazed at how nature reclaims the old industrial halls!
After a good two hours, we had finished our exploration and made our way to a dear friend's house where we were going to spend the last night of our vacation.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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