June 21, 2020

Tour Report: Sanatorium B.

The rain hadn't stopped during our drive away from our first location to our second location that day. We had opted for an abandoned sanatorium that wasn't too far away and where we'd identified a nice place to park without having to walk too much ;)
We parked the car and walked through the rain to the address of the sanatorium.
We were a bit disappointed by the building - it looked like a typical building from the late 1960s or early 1970s - nothing like the old sanatoriums that we'd visited in the past.
Entering was easy; there was an open window through which we were able to slip in without much difficulty.
The first part that we entered was the pool area. From the looks of it, this was no sanatorium in a classical sense, but more of a health resort - nice rooms, pool, a large dining area..this place had it all.
But unfortunately, the vandals really had a go at this place. Destruction, graffiti and general chaos is what we found. Someone even went through the trouple and put pavement slabs on the floor of the restaurant - and not just a few.
Due to the vandalism, there weren't many nice shots to be taken, but we still took our time to explore the whole place top to bottom.
From the looks of it, this location had been a playground for teenagers for many years. We, however, had the place entirely to ourselves. I guess we were lucky that vandals don't like rain ;)

To find out about the history of the place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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