February 24, 2018

Tour Report: Dr. Anna L.

We didn't really have a heightened interest to visit this abandoned doctor's villa that in the German "urbex-scene" is frequently called the "Urbex-Whore" because over the years since it turned up on the photographic radar, almost everyone's had a ride, so to speak.
Whenever photos are posted, a bunch of people start crying  and shouting about how much the urbex-scene has deteriorated over the past years and how everything was better in the good old days five or six or seven years ago...you know, the ususal "urbexer's lament".
Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex and I had decided to try it anyway, because we happened to be relatively close while on a tour together with my wife and my mother-in-law back in November of 2016.
Because the villa was right next to a construction site where another old building was being renovated and there were a lot of construction workers that would definitely see us, the ladies played it careful and decided to go for a cup of coffee while Freddy and I were giong to test our luck.
We hesitated. There was a senior citizen's home nearby and people were coming and going. Cars were passing the villa and parking and leaving again...but the construction workers were in fact our main concern.
At some point, I asked Freddy, who does work in construction, if workers on the construction sites that he knows would care about what people do next door. He said, "No way would they care. The boss would come and yell at them to keep working."
That was it, we climbed over the low fence and walked straight up to the hole in the front door that we had been eyeballing the whole time...

Since we didn't have high expectations due to alle the dissing of this place in the social media, there were no expectations that could be disappointed.
And we weren't disappointed - on the contrary. There was still a wealth of nice photos to shoot. Sure, everything has been vandalized and turned upside down, but if you are looking for cool shots, there's still a lot to see aside from the spectacular stuff that's not there anymore - such as the kidneys in formaldehyde.

Since the ladies were waiting for us, we only spent about one and a half hours in the doctor's villa before we left. it was a visit we definitely did not regret.

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February 18, 2018

Tour Report: The Gravel Pit

The second day of our tour together with Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex back in November of 2016 took us to a region of Germany where we hadn't really explored before, so we were excited to see what our search for abandoned places would bring.
My mother-in-law was with us; she has been joining us for some tours over the past couple of years now and she's gotten more and more curious with every explore she was on.
And we got lucky - the first spot that we had decided on was an open air location, and the weather was really nice. There were some clouds at first, but the sun started showing as soon as we pulled up towards the old gravel pit early in the morning.

We gathered our gear and just walked right on to the premises. It seemed like it was sort of public, because every fifteen minutes or so, some car would drive through there or cyclists would ride around on the sand roads...even some joggers used the place as a training course...
But that didn't bother us. The place is pretty big, so we were on our own all the time and could climb around on the rusty old processing plants and conveyor belts.
Some parts of the floorboards were really rusty, especially towards the tops of the machines, so it got a bit dangerous to climb up there, but the view was really nice and was at least to some extent worth the risk.

We spent a total of about three hours or more exploring the place, and I'm sure we haven't discovered everything, but there were still some spots that we had planned, so we had to get back to the car and leave. But I'm sure that we'll have a revisit at some point in the future!

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February 13, 2018

Tour Report: Castle Hedera [Revisit]

In June of 2014, my wife and I had first tried to pay a visit to this abandoned castle. And we did, but we were too chicken to really enter once we got there because the ceilings and floors just looked too dangerous at the time.
More than two years and a lot of experience later, we tried once again, this time in the company of our good friend and tour mate Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex.
It turned out that the reconnaisance we had from the first visit was still accurate. Parking, access - it was still the same, only there was far more people around and lots of cars passing by, so we had some trouble finding the opportune moment to jump the fence, so to speak.
Once we were out of sight, we had to walk through thick green patches of plants to get to the access point of the castle.
We entered, and we were somewhat disappointed - not regarding the state of decay, which was pretty nice, but in terms of how many adjustments had been made to the original style of the castle. only a few of the original structures were left, and of course, much of it has been vadalized in the 30+ years of the castle's abandonment.
Still - it was a great experience to finally be able to look behind the walls of this castle. There was a lot of natural decay, and it was a nice second spot for our tour.

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February 8, 2018

Tour Report: Iron Ore Loading Silo

In late November of 2016, my wife and I decided to go for a couple of days of touring and visit her mother as well. Since it had been a couple of years since our last tour of that area of Germany, we had a few spots that we had on our list that we definitely wanted to check out.
We asked our friend Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex if he wanted to join us, so it was the three of us that drove South on a dark and windy Tuesday morning.
As our first spot, we had decided on an abandoned loading silo of an iron ore mine. My wife and I had already explored this spot back in 2014, but since Freddy hadn't seen it and it was conveniently on the way, we were eager for a revisit.
Just like the first time, we parked on the parking lot of the nearby (active) industrial company, put on our work boots and went for a little walk.
As we were walking towards the location, it started to rain a little, but that didn't stop us. For about an hour, we explored the entire area, before we walked back to the car and drove off to the next spot - which was only about two kilometers away...

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February 2, 2018

Soviet Airfield LT

It was afternoon when Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex and I arrived at the final location of our short tour through the Northeast of Germany back in November of 2016. The former airfield that was built more than 80 years ago was located near the autobahn, so it was a pretty convenient stop before starting our way home.
We parked the car by the side of a nearby road and walked the rest of the way.
The afternoon sun and the beginning sunset made for a fantastic light as we walked up to the hangars, and the cold day made the grass crackle beneath our shoes. It was a really unique atmosphere; the air was crisp and the beautiful light emphasized the way nature has been reclaiming this place for the past twenty years.
Parts of the old airfield have been reused by some local industry, so the area does not have its original size anymore. After about two hours, we had checked out most of the remains and walked back to the car watching the final rays of daylight as we drove off.

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