March 29, 2020

Tour Report: The Mill in the Meadow [DK] [Revisit]

The second location that my friend "Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland" and I visited on our short tour through Denmark two years ago was also a place that I'd visited once before - an old mill that my wife and I had discovered during a summer tour the year before.
Just like the first time, we had no trouble at all. We were able to park right in front of the location, which was pretty good because it started raining.
The access also was still the same - the door was open.
Unfortunately, some nicer details were missing, such as a few of the rusty vintage oil cans and the old telephone.
It's sad that these things were gone, since usually I'm too excited during a first visit to get all the details - which is why I really like revisits to get a closer look.
I still took the time to get a few shots that I'd missed the first time.
It was a pity that we only found the baby strollers in the basement after we'd packed everything back into the car and didn't want to get back out into the rain...
...but luckily, there was going to be another visit at this place in the future - so stay tuned!

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March 22, 2020

Tour Report: Farmhouse "Time Capsule" [DK] [Revisit]

It was only a week after the tour through Denmark together with Pixelcracker and Lichtbeschatter, when my friend "Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland" asked if I was up for another short trip North, and who am I to say no to an offer like this?
He had seen the first few photos I'd taken at the Farmhouse "Time Capsule" and said that he would like to check it out as well, so we put it right on top of the list.
As we arrived, everything still looked the same as one week before, but I didn't want to climb into the house again, because I'd seen everything only a few days before, and I still wasn't entirely comfortable with it. So I stayed outside and used the time to check out the barns. One was tightly locked with no chance to access, but I managed to find a way into the second barn.
I waited until my friend came back out of the house, and then we went into the barn. Inside were three old tractors. They were really rusty and dusty and full of cobwebs.
I do like the barns in Denmark - there's always something to be found!
As we were packing our gear back into the car, two guys on a tractor drove by the house and asked us what we were doing. We told them that we were just driving around and were taking a cigarette break. The older guy said that we're not allowed on the property and that the younger guy (who spoke neither English nor German) was the owner. We said that the thought had of course never crossed our minds and that we were going to drive off just as soon as we'd finished that cigarette...
Whew, close call, but the tractors were worth it!

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March 14, 2020

Tour Report: The Home of the Priest [Revisit]

My first visit to this abandoned house was, well, it was the first visit. I was overwhelmed by the impressions and didn't have an eye for the neat details this place had to offer.
The second visit was a spontaneous idea without much ambition on my side, so I more or less made new shots of the same stuff that I'd shot the first time.
But I was looking forward to the third visit, because I knew that this time I was going to get the details!
It was the final spot on a tour with our friends Pixelcracker and Lichtbeschatter who both hadn't seen this place yet. The weather had cleared up after it looked like it was going to start raining, and so we all were in a sunny mood.
Access was the same as the first two times - just walk in the door.
The place had always been pretty trashy in some parts, but what had happened in the six months since the last time was something that I'd rarely seen.
Only a few of the original scenes that we found were still there. Everything else had been turned upside down. What I saw, made me really sad.
It helped that I had come here to focus on the details, and that was what I did. There were still many of the little things that I'd missed during the first two visits, and I took my time with the keys on the organ in the living room.
We also checked out the two barns - something that we also hadn't done before.
The barns held a few treasures themselves - especially the old coach. It was a little bit crunched inside a corner, but it still looked got. My guess is that it  was at least 120 years old.

We took our time exploring every corner - and it was a good thing, too, because from what I've seen on photos a fellow explorer took recently, the barns have collapsed, and the house has been completely trashed.

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March 7, 2020

Tour Report: Farmhouse "Rusty Barrel"

It was only a short visit. On a tour through Denmark with our friends Pixelcracker and Lichtbeschatter about two years ago, we discovered this place driving from one location to the next and decided for a short stop.
The place didn't even look promising - but it was abandoned, so of course, we had to check it out.
The front door was open, and we were greeted by an empty house.
Only very few peices of furniture were left, and the decay was only starting to set in.
Disappointingly enough, there also weren't any abandoned vehicles in the barn next to the house (contrary to many other places in Denmark) - but a few more details than inside the house.
After all, I did take a few photos with me that came out alright - and we'd had a short break from driving :)

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