April 24, 2023

Tour Report: School "Heart of the Mountain"

Having started out the day exploring two underground bunker complexes in the morning, it was time for something above ground, and not too far away, we had an abandoned school on our map. The drive only took about ten minutes, and we found a nice parking spot in the shade under some trees which is good around noon on a day in late July :)
Access was really easy - there was no fence around the building, and the door was open. There also was no one around; the school lies on the edge of a small village, and in the heat, most people probably just stayed indoors.
So we entered the building undisturbed and took our time exploring everything.
The main building was in surprisingly good condition - most of the windows were intact (some were boarded up), and even the vandalism was "within limits"!
After we were finished with the main building, we found a few classrooms behind the building. These had apparently been added at a later time and consisted only of thin prefabricated parts.
It was these classrooms that offered beautiful green decay!

Though this was by far no spectacular place, it was a really nice exploration due to the mostly "untouched" condition of the place - and the very calm mood that it transported in the lazy midday heat of a summer day.

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April 16, 2023

Tour Report: Command Post W13

After we finished our exploration of the communications bunker, we moved on to the next bunker. For this we only had to drive a short distance down the road and then a bit through the forest - actually only a short hop, but with an Audi TT on the uncleared forest roads it was already an adventurous drive.

We parked the car on a forest path next to a former guard post and made our way through the thicket. Soon we could make out some concrete parts as well as the supply and exhaust pipes.
It was quite clear - below us was the former joint command post of an air defense missile regiment and a radio engineering battalion.

The main entrance had obviously been bricked up a long time ago, but we found an open emergency exit that we could use as an entrance.
It felt like a very long way down, even if it was only a few meters in the end - but such a first entrance is quite exciting, and can distort the perception a bit :)

Through the emergency exit we first entered the room with ventilation and air conditioning. From there, we went down the hall to the radio distribution room and on to the storage room. After a short look into the airlock of the main entrance we explored the annex consisting of three FB-3 tube bunkers. After that, we headed back out into the sun - because we had two more locations to explore that day....

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April 11, 2023

Tour Report: Communications Bunker "Little G"

This place was so secret that even in the paranoid bureaucacy of East Germany, there was no codename for this bunker - and it was forbidden to mention the name or the location in any case.
It was this place that my friend Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland and I had chosen as the first of four locations on a day trip through the Northeastern part of Germany in July 2019.

I was picked up early in the morning, and about 2 hours and 200 kilometers later we were driving along a narrow road that would lead us to the bunker. When we reached a clearing where we thought the bunker was, we first saw...nothing. A radio mast next to the area showed that we were on the right track, but a bunker was nowhere to be seen. In the field, however, we could clearly see a heavily overgrown hill - the bunker hill.

So we got our equipment and set out to explore the site. There were no obvious paths, and it was all very overgrown, so we had to make our way cross-country through the bushes. Then, on top of the hill, we discovered a small antenna and some fan outlets, which showed us that we had indeed found the right place. When we then discovered the main entrance, disappointment was already spreading, because it was locked bomb-proof.

However, we were not discouraged by this, but looked for the emergency exits of the bunker. And we found one. It looked a bit like a too small toilet house - but with a very wide drain ;)
We climbed down the ladder and then had to squeeze through a narrow round hatch to get into the rooms of the bunker.

The bunker itself was quite big - a floor space of 500 square meters and about 30 rooms of different sizes wanted to be explored. The typical picture presented itself: Almost all electrical equipment was removed in the course of abandoning the bunker, and the rest was snatched up by cable thieves.

Still, it was a very interesting walk-through, because none of us had explored a bunker of this type before - and both graffiti "artists" and party-crazed teenagers had left the bunker alone until then.
So we had a very successful and exciting location to start our tour - it's always good to start the day with a sense of achievement!

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April 1, 2023

Tour Report: School Hostel "King of Green"

Together with my good friends Pixelcracker and Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland, I went on a short tour at the end of June 2019. It was a spontaneous tour, so we decided to check out two potential locations not too far away.

The first spot we drove to was an abandoned school hostel in a very touristy spa town. Unfortunately, there was no way in - and I haven't seen any photos of the place yet...so I guess it's time to check again.

This wasn't the only abandoned school hostel on our map, however. There was another one only about thirty minutes away, so this was potentially a good alternative. Beautifully located with a forest on one side and only a few meters to the beach on the other side, this must have been a great place for children to spend their time.

As we arrived, we were more than pleased to find public parking right in front of the place. A few cars were already parked there - probably tourists that were taking a walk on the beach. After all, it was a beautiful sunny day.

We parked that car, gathered our gear and started walking around the building looking for a way in. We found an open window right away, climbed in and found ourselves in the kitchen. At that point, we could already see that this place wasn't going to be a spectacular location. There was trash everywhere and lots of relics from teenagers partying in the abandoned building.

From the kitchen, we went along a narrow hallway that led us into the gym. The gym was in fact the best part of the building, because there was some really beautiful decay, and nature had found her way in. We spent quite a bit of time photographing all the details in the gym, before checking out the rest of the place. As expected, the remaining rooms weren't really decaying, but in part severely vandalized. The tables had been stolen from the restaurant, bookshelves had been tipped over, the books were lying on the floor, and these annoying graffiti tags had been sprayed on almost every wall.

So we took all the "good" photos that we could get (which didn't take too long), and we went back to the car to drive to the next and final location of the day.

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