July 26, 2013

Abandoned Pool and Spa (Part 5)

This the final part of the "Abandoned Pool and Spa"-Series.
The photos are from the boiler house. For 17 years, it has been abandoned, but from the looks of it, you could start operating it right away. There were hardly any signs of decay, no mold, not a lot of rust, it almost looked like new.

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July 21, 2013

Abandoned Pool and Spa (Part 4)

After exploring the spa and physiotherapy area inside the abandoned pool area, we were happy to get some fresh air again as we stepped outside to take a look at the outside wave pool.
Inside, we mostly found mold and dead animals, but outside, a beautiful biotope had become of the formerly probably pretty sterile place.
Reeds, bulrushes and even raspberries had found their way inside, while the water became a kind of brownish pond...

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July 18, 2013

Abandoned Pool and Spa (Part 3)

These are the last pictures from inside the spa area. I will start with the outside photos in my next post.
As you can see, green is the dominant color in these picture, and I really think it's fascinating that after 17 years, there are still the chemicals for testing the water just lying on the tables.

There really isn't much left to say about the location, so I'll just leave you to the photos...

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July 16, 2013

Abandoned Pool and Spa (Part 2)

As promised, here is the next batch of photos I took at the abandoned public pool area.
For almost two decades this heated wave pool was the pride of a coastal resort in northern Germany. It was closed down in 1996 for economic reasons and since then, nature has been reclaiming the area - mostly oblivious to the views of the vacationers.
I was really surprised to find it so intact. There is almost no vandalism and no graffiti whatsoever, so it was a great place to take pictures. Even the chemicals used to test the water are still in place, and so is most of the furniture. Only the tanning beds have been taken away, but I can't say if it was during the closing or later.

Anyway, here are the next photos. These have been taken inside the spa/wellness area.

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July 15, 2013

Abandoned Pool and Spa - A Bad Case of Moldiness

I got a hint concerning this location and today the opportunity for a trip came along.
So we hopped into the car, drove acouple of miles to our destination, and I was really surprised to find an almost untouched and unvandalized location. It was really amazing.
This open air pool area and the adjoining wellness area have been left for almost 20 years and the nature of the former business made for a fantastic new home for a lot of mold.

Anyway, it's late today, so so I'll only show the three HDR photos I took. The rest will follow tomorrow :)

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July 7, 2013

Abandoned Hospital - Reinventing an old Friendship

Friday evening, I had planned a little tour to the old hospital again. Little did I know that a really good old friend that I hadn't seen in years was going to contact me.
So all of a sudden, there were two of us, and we spent most of the excursion just talking and catchuing up. So I didn't come up with a lot of pictures, but a couple of them came out alright.
There is no specific topic for this post, I just shot what came in fromt of my camera :)

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