April 30, 2013

Navy Heavy Fuel Oil Facility (Part 2)

Since it was the first exploration of this facility, there wasn't too much of a chance for taking HDR photos, but I've managed to make three, and I think they came out pretty well:

And here are the photos my wife took with the Fujifilm Compact camera.
I really like it when she's with me on the excursion because she sees the things differently than I do, so her photos really are a welcome addition :)

April 28, 2013

Navy Heavy Fuel Oil Facility

This facility was planned in 1935/36 and construction started in 1937. Craftsmen were used as workers, but also foreign workers from Poland and Upper Silesia and even french civilians.
Train tracks were built to connect the facility to the normal German Rail network and led right into the big loading hall.
On the western bank of the lake was a wooden landing pier the reached to the center of the lake which was connected to the nearby channel.
Flexible rubber piping facilitated the fueling of tankers and even submarines.
More than 60 underground tanks were built in two sizes: Height 6 meters, Diameter 50 meters and Height 8 meters, Diameter 61 meters.
The facility was given up in 1944 before construction was even finished.

April 27, 2013

Abandoned Hospital (Part 10)

After almost a 3-week break from the old hospital, I returned today to revamp some old scenes with HDR.
So some of the shots from today will look familiar. Actually, all of them will look familiar, as I've only shot pictures I have shot before, only today it was in HDR.
I am starting to get the hang of it, I think. But I also think it only makes real sense for me to go HDR after I've fully explored a building - as with the hospital.

April 22, 2013

Abandoned Navy Building (Part 5)

Next to taking the first few steps in making HDR photos, I made some "traditional" snapshots of various scenes around the abandoned navy building.
As it has been used as living quarters for ships' crews while in port, there are various storage rooms and shelters in the basement.
I think I have seen most of the building now, so I think I'll only need one or two more excursions there to cover it in its entirety.

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