July 22, 2018

Tour Report: The District Court

After finishing up our exploration of the abandoned district hospital, my wife and I went to check out the second location on our list for the day.
The abandoned building that used to be the local jail before its use as a courthouse sits right next to the hospital buildings - its access point is even the same as the one for the hospital.
We left the hospital through the hole in the fence and went along the back wall of the courthouse until we found the open window that we had spotted on the way in. It was a small window, so we struggled a bit to get in, but we made it.
The inside of the building was somewhat disappointing, because it had obviously been used for residential purposes during the years of the German separaton, and these years and the years after that haven't been kind to the interior...
We stayed for about half an hour before we went on our way again to drive to the third location.

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July 15, 2018

Tour Report: The District Hospital

On a sunny Sunday in March of 2017, my wife and I went on a short tour through the Northeastern part of Germany. I had four locations planned that were realtively close to each other.
So after the about a two-hour drive, we arrived at the first location - an abandoned hospital - at around 10 in the morning.
There was a public parking area right next to the location.
We got out of the car and walked along the street without our gear checking for access points, but also for spots where nosy neighbors might be able to see you.
There was no obvious access point, so I checked around the side behind the building next to our first spot - which was to be our second spot ;)
And what I found wasn't just the access to the hospital, but also a way in for location number two. So that was a successful scouting right there!
Entering itself was pretty easy - there was a hole in the wall/fence surrounding the old hospital, so we could just walk through. We had to be careful going for the entrance of the hospital itself, because you can be spotted going there from the street, but we managed to go in between two passing cars.
The hospital is made up of different parts from different eras and in various stages of decay and vandalism. Nothing of the original interior is left, so it's no spectacular spot, but it was a nice little location to start a day of exploring.

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July 7, 2018

Tour Report: The Moorish Estate

After finishing our exploration of the old paper mill and having the cake safely stowed away in the car, we sort of went on our way home.
Sort of, because we had one more place planned for the way back since it was almost on the way.
After a drive of about 45 minutes, we reached our destination - an ensemble of buildings contructed in moorish style. It used to be an estate where new methods of agriculture were tested, before the Soviets took over the place after World War II.
The area was completely open - there were only a few remains of fences, so we could walk right onto the premises.
Obviously - as in many places of the area - the local population has used some of the buildings and the surrounding fields for dumping trash, so a lot of the place wasn't really photogenic anymore.
But the style of the buildings together with the somewhat dark and pretty cloudy weather did make for some nice photos.
Unfortunately, the condition of the floors in the main building was so bad that we had to limit ourselves to the ground floor.
Towards the end of our explore we saw some teenagers with bikes as well as an older couple with a car who were also checking out the place. It seemed like a rather popular place...

After about one and a half hours, we got back to the car and really went on our way home :)

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July 1, 2018

Tour Report: Paper Mill H.

Our friend Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex had organized the exploration of this old paper mill in Eastern Germany.
It was a legal visit - an association is taking care of the amazing industrial ruin that is widely regarded as the best preserved and most complete old paper mill in Germany.
When we arrived, we were greeted by a lady who had actually worked there before it was closed more than tenty years ago.
She led us through the factory halls before she left us alone to explore the place on our own.
It was amazing to see an old factory in such a great shape.
As an urban explorer, you get used to copper thieves and scrap metal collectors cleaning the places out and leaving only rubble. So when you get to look at a place like this, it's truly amazing.
Some people say that if it's a legal visit, it's not urbex, but I beg to differ. It's not unlawful entry, but ist still is urban exploring, because urbex does not necessarily include illegally entering the places - and even legal places have that special historical aura surrounding them, so to me, it really doesn't matter if you have to pay some Euros to enter. Especially if it helps preserving a place like this.

When we were finished after about three hours, the lady invited us in for a cup of coffee - and homemade cake!!!
We weren't able to eat all of it, so she insisted we take the rest with us, and even left us the plate so we could carry it. We still have that plate and are waiting for a second visit to return it.

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