January 19, 2012

Things found underwater.

For the last two days, there were divers cleaning out the harbor. Here are some of the things they found...

January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve Food Exploits

We started our feast at 1pm with Champagne and salmon canap├ęs with caviar...

For second course at around 3pm, we had puff pastry filled with cream cheese, onions, garlic and fresh garden herbs...

At about 5pm, we started with the next course...pure potato pleasure.
The potatoes are cut in thin slices, then placed diagonally into a baking dish and generously sprinkle it with olive oil.
Add on top some garlic cloves, sea salt and rosemary, and you're done with the preparations.

Put it in the oven for about 45 Minutes:

...after that, it should look something like this:

...and if you did everything right, you won't have to wait long and the dish will look something like this:

For the night's main course, we then took really thinly cut slices of pork.
On those we spread some fresh Italian herbs and put  a slice of Serrano ham on each one. Top it off with some mozarelly cheese and roll it into a roulade.

 Sear shortly in a pan and then put it in the oven and allow to simmer for ten more minutes.

Meanwhile, get the saffron risotto ready and serve :)

So...Happy New Year everyone!
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