December 19, 2020

Tour Report: Villa "Lakeside"

We had saved the most spectacular spot for last on our tour with our friend Toeppi in June of 2018. We had seen two really cool bunkers, a doctor's villa that was more a dump than anything else, and we'd desperately tried to find a way into an abandoned water works facility that was more than tightly locked. But this one was to be the grand finale...

Situated in a very wealthy area with lots of villas that belong to celebrities, we didn't expect this one to be easy.

We parked the car roadside a bit down between a couple of other cars so as not to rise any suspicion. First, we took a little stroll down the street to look like regular tourists while evaluating our options of getting onto the property. In the end, we decided to just jump the fence and quickly run towards the bushes. We waited for the right moment, and then we ran. Finding an open door into the house was easy once we were on the property. We were in - unsuspected and undetected!

As we walked through the empty rooms, we were amazed at the luxury that the former owners must have lived in. This place had it all - an indoor pool, a bowling alley, a boat house, a wine cellar...

We took our time looking through all the rooms, and we were surprised that a nice seafront property such as this one wouldn't find a new owner to take care of it and bring it back to its former glory.

After almost two hours, we finished the tour with the mandatory selfie shot and then called it a day.

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December 4, 2020

Tour Report: Doctor's Villa "Sparrow"

 After exploring two underground air-raid shelters from World War II, we decided to explore something above ground and enjoy the weather. We decided to check out the premises of an old lung clinic that also happens to have a very large bunker.

After a short ride, we arrived at the place. Our friend Toeppi called a guy he knew from a movie shoot that took place there a few years before to see if we could get the chance for a legal visit, but there was no chance, so we checked out the area for ourselves.

The place was huge; some buildings seemed to still be in operation, and everything else was tightly locked, so after looking around enough, we decided to head back to the car. On the way, we spotted an old house between the trees. It must have been the villa of the clinic's medical director. In earlier years, it was common that the medical director had a villa on the premises of the clinic - sometimes equipped with a private practice. This house looked "palatial" enough to be the director's villa - and our research later on confirmed our assumption.

We just had to look around for a few minutes to find a large hole in the fence, and after another couple of minutes, we had found a way into the villa.

It was kind of disappointing; the place had been thoroughly vandalized, and there was nothing left that could point to the purpose of the place. We only took a few photos before we left again. There just wasn't a lot to see - but we had one more location on our list that was going to compensate us for this little disappointment, so stay tuned...

To check out the history of the place, click the button below.

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