June 30, 2024

Tour Report: Sugar Factory R.

After spending two days in a row at a former Soviet military site, it was time to explore something non-military again. Not far from the Huskyhof where we were staying was a former sugar factory. Not far away, a promising location and good weather - so we set off. It was the ninth of a total of ten excursions we made during our vacation in November 2019.
There weren't really any decent parking spaces nearby, so we simply parked between a few cars that apparently belonged to workers from the surrounding businesses. We just pretended to be one of them. The way into the old factory building was easy - the factory grounds and buildings were wide open. We could see relatively early on that truck drivers and other people were apparently using the sugar factory site as a toilet, so we could assume that it wouldn't be a problem if we moved around there.
The factory building had undergone various uses in the decades following the Second World War, so it was no longer recognizable as a sugar factory. Nevertheless, there were many beautiful motifs - from dark cellar vaults to rooms with lattice windows and beautiful incidence of light to beautiful natural decay. There really was a lot to see!
I estimate that we spent around three hours in the building before we had seen everything - with the exception of the area that had already been converted into apartments, of course.
After we had left the building and the grounds, I wanted to try and find out more about its history.
So I simply went to the neighboring active factory site and asked one of the workers if he could tell me something about the old factory. He himself had moved in, so he had no information - but he called the foreman to him, who knew the building and its former uses. He told us a lot so that we could get a good idea of how the rooms we had explored just a few minutes earlier had been used.
So the excursion was really a well-rounded affair - in addition to the photos, there was also a little history lesson, which is always good to get the overall picture of a location.

To find out about the history of the place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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