August 25, 2016

Soviet Airfield R.

After our exploration of the Insane Asylum, Freddy and I drove to our next spot - a former Soviet military airfield. Some of you may know the place as the area of the annual "Fusion Festival" which is being held here since 1997 using twelve hardened aircraft shelters as stages.
The larger part of the airfield however has been turned into an airpark, and a lot of the shelters are still unused, and we wanted to check those out.
We got lucky with the weather - as soon as we got there, the clouds cleared and the sun came out to shine on...a lot of old airplanes! There is a small museum on the area, which doesn't seem to have been open for quite some time. There was a note on the door saying that it is closed due to illness, but the state of the exhibits suggests that this illness has been going on for some time.

So we started by checking out all the airplaners and other stuff standing around the museum building before we went on to check out the shelters.
Walking to the shelters was really easy - there were no fences, and we could just wander around the airfield (which is still being used for private flying) as much as we wanted.
We had planned to check out a bunker near the airfield as well, but it was getting late, the bunker would have taken some time to walk to, and we had one more stop to make, so we decided against that. Later, I found out that this was the right decision since the bunker is being used by the German Emergency Management Agency for drills, so there wouldn't have been a chance to get in.

The shelters weren't as spectacular as we'd hoped, but the sun made for a nice scenery - and the old airplanes were a great find!

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August 13, 2016

Insane Asylum N.

We spent the night at a friend's pharmacy. Why a pharmacy? Well, said friend was on emergency duty in her pharmacy that night, and since it was conveniently close to where we wanted to go, we asked her if it was possible to spend the night.
The next morning, we got up relatively early as we had a pretty long ride and a couple of locations ahead of us.
The first spot we had planned was an old insane asylum that had been used by the Soviets after World War II.
Parts of the buildings are being taken care of by an association for its conservation and are being used for events such as tours, readings or summer theater. We didn't really know what to expect, so we parked the car near the place and walked some way across an open field until we reached the first buildings.
Some of the buildings have already collapsed completely, others are in use and inaccessible. After looking around for some time, we finally found one building that had an open window, and we climbed in.
You could clearly see the Soviet relics, especially the newspapers under the paint on the walls.
The day was pretty dark, there was no sunlight that morning, and so the light supported the rather bleak mood in the old asylum...

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August 5, 2016

Command Bunker P.

It was getting late on the first day of Freddy's  (Nordgriller Urbex) and my two-day trip to Eastern Germany last year.
It was the middle of December after all, so there wasn't much daylight left after a couple of hundred kilometers on the road, two more or less successful locations and an unuccessful one as well...
But there was one location that we still wanted to visit - a former command bunker of the East German National People's Army.
So we drove some more in eastern direction until we found the place.
We did our usual drive-by to check for a way in and for possible obstacles and ended up parking almost right in front of the location. There were neighboring houses, but no one but a dog seemed to be alerted by our presence.
Entering the former high-security military area was easy.
Did you see that barrier tape? What barrier tape? Thought so.
We walked past the barracks since our primary interest was in the bunker and we quickly found that. There was no obvious way in, but we found one after a quick search.
The desturction inside was severe. There is nothing left of the original interior. You can only guess what the two-floor command center must have looked like.
Since it was getting dark really quick and we still had quite a way to go to arrive at the place where we were going to crash for the night, we only took a couple of photos inside the bunker, grabbed some more outside and the headed back to the car.

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