January 25, 2020

Tour Report: Soviet Fighter Command R.

The morning had started out successfully with the exploration of the Soviet officers' casino, but there was more to come on the second day of our tour through the Northeast of Germany together with our friend Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex.
As I've mentioned before, the area is riddled with military relics from different historical periods, so our next target wasn't even too far away from where we were.
So after a cigarette break, we took the short ride to the other side of town, so to speak, and by the side of a farm road, we found the former vehicle access to the location.
We had found what we were looking for - a Soviet bunker that was used as the command for a fighter-bomber division stationed at a nearby airfield.
The complex consists of the underground bunker that was built in the late 1950s and has two main access tunnels and an emergency exit, a vehicle shelter and a guard post.
As we entered, a guy on a motorcycle drove past us and began using the undulating landscape for some offroad driving practice.
With the constant roar of the motorcycle's engine in the background, we began searching for the bunker. We roughly knew where the premises are - but we had no clue as to the location of the bunker itself, so we had no choice but to walk around until we found it.
We had to climb up sandy hills, and fight with very aggressive bushes, but eventually, we found first the vehicle garages and then the first bunker entrance. It was sealed.
But now we had a position and it wasn't too hard to find the second entrance as well.
It was also sealed.
Same with the emergency exit. There was no way to get into this bunker.
So we took a few shots of the site itself and went back to the car when we met a guy and a black van right next to the guard house. He turned out to be the new owner of the area and had just thrown the motorcycle guy off his property.
We had a nice talk with him and got his phone number, so there might be a chance in the future to gain access to the bunker if he has not started to realize the plans he has for the place.

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January 5, 2020

Tour Report: Soviet Officer's Casino R.

The first day of our tour had been successful. Together with our friends Torsten (North Urbex) and Freddy (Nordgriller Urbex) we had explored a command bunker of the East German Army (NVA), and we had discovered the remains of an anti-aircraft shooting-range.
Torsten had to part ways with us after the second location, because he had to be on standby for his job the next day and therefore couldn't continue touring with us.
Freddy and we had planned to spend the night at our favorite "Urbex Hotel Petra" - a dear friend who lives in the area and loves to have us around for a couple of drinks ;)
Said friend had made a reservation for one of our favorite restaurants - the Stadtm├╝hle Teterow - where we enjoyed an opulent meal along with various types of liquor. The liquor part of the evening continued for a while after we'd gotten back to Petra's house before we went to sleep to gather our strength for the next day.
We had to get up rather early for breakfast - after all, we planned to check out three locations before we had to drive back home about 300 kilometers...

The first spot that we had decided to check out that day was the officer's casino of a Soviet garrison that we had already visited some time before.
My wife and I had also tried to explore the casino a few months earlier, but at the time, there was no way in. This time, it was different!
We parked the car on a public spot down the street and went towards the old building. It was a cold and windy January morning, and the clouds looked as if they were just waiting for us to open the floodgates and rain down on us - they didn't.
As we walked up the steps to the entrance, we could see that there was a small hole in the walled up doorway behind the main door. I put down my backpack and tripod and crawled through to see if I'd fit through and to check out if this was in fact the way in.
It was.
The other two handed me the gear and crawled through the hole as well. Inside, it was pretty dark because most of the windows were boarded up, so we mostly had to work with floodlights. In addition, most of the rooms were completely empty. Only a few relics were found pointing towards the former use of this place.
Still - it was a successful explore and a valuable addition to my perception of an area that is riddled with relics from World War II as well as the Soviet occupation.

After about an hour, we left the casino to be on the way to the next location - a Soviet bunker facility...

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