June 17, 2023

Tour Report: Auto Repair Factory S. [Revisit]

In 2014, I paid my first visit to this huge abandoned factory. At the time, my wife Birthe hadn't come along, so more than five years later, we chose the place as the starting point of our summer vacation.
I had planned to take the "back door" through an open fence on the far side of the premises that I had taken five years earlier, but since it was Monday, there was too much going on in the surrounding businesses, so we had to look for another way.
We drove towards the main entrance of the abandoned factory. There was a public parking spot pretty near, so we didn't have to walk too far, which was a good thing, since it started to rain the moment we got out of the car. We walked along the fence and the walls of the factory, and after a few minutes, we found a way in. The way we used seemed to be frequented by homeless people who used this part of the factory as accommodation. We didn't want to disturb anyone, so we quickly made our way towards the factory halls.
As I remembered from my first visit, the halls were huge - some of the largest halls I have ever seen. The graffiti had become more over the years, but aside from that, nothing much had changed.
We took our time strolling through the production floor and checking out the parts on the upper floor - storage, workshops, restrooms and break rooms.
At some point, we heard a noise from the outside, and as I looked out the window, we saw a security guard walking across the yard towards the building. He hadn't seen us or anything and apparently was on a routine patrol.
We decided to not make it too difficult for him. We calmly packed our stuff, walked down the stairs into the main factory hall and waited. As he entered, we smiled and waved at him and said hi. We told him that we saw him and wanted to make his job a bit easier, so we had already gotten ready to leave.
At that point, the security guy was completely speechless. I think this was something that never happened to him before. While he walked us out, he asked us how we had gotten in, and he told us a bit about the (at the time) current plans that existed for the place.
He let us out through the main gate, we walked back to the car and drove off to the next spot.

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June 10, 2023

Tour Report: Boarding School S.

The final spot that we chose to explore on our "escape" from the family reunion in Denmark in August 2019 was an abandoned boarding school. We had checked the place out about two years earlier, but were unable to find an access.
This time, however, we got a tip that there might be an open door somewhere on the backside of the building, so of course, we had to check it out and give it a try.
Since we didn't know what to expect, we parked way off so no one would suspect anything except a couple of tourists on a hike. We also managed to find a way onto the premises without being seen by the neighbors.
It didn't take us long to find the open door our friend had told us about.
As we entered, we were amazed at the condition of the place. At the time, it had been abandoned for at least four years - but apparently, the place was secured pretty well, so that it had been spared the fate of being raided by copper thieves.
Although the school had been used to accommodate refugees from 2012 until 2015, there was still a lot of school-typical stuff, such as books and documents, instruments in the science rooms, and even a grand piano and a drum kit.
In the basement, we found a complete exercise room. At that point, we discovered that the place still had electricity - something that is not uncommon in abandoned places in Denmark.
The only downside of the pristine condition of the place was that there was no real decay - but that is complaining at a really high level ;)
After about 90 minutes, we had finished our exploration and headed back to the car, so we would be back with the family in time for dinner.

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June 3, 2023

Tour Report: The Farm of Seven Tractors

As the second spot on our short tour together with our good friend Urbex Inn we chose to revisit another location - the abandoned "Farm of Seven Tractors".
I had been there twice before, but a good location can't be visited often enough, and after all, the last visit had been nine months earlier.
Just like last time, we parked the cars at the edge of the nearest field and crept along a hedge until we got to the house.
First we went into the familiar barn with the many tractors. Nothing had changed in the last few months, and all the farm vehicles were still there. However, someone had closed the large gate of the second barn, which suggested that in and again someone looks after the situation.
But maybe it was just another photographer who hoped for better lighting conditions by closing the door. The opposite was the case with us, so that we had to open the gate for reasonable pictures (of course, we closed it again afterwards).
Due to the fact that not much had changed, we spent only a relatively short time on site, and after we - once again - unsuccessfully tried to find an entrance to the farmhouse, we went on our way again. At this point, Urbex Inn unfortunately had to head home, but we still had some time to check out one last location, so we hit the road again.

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