June 3, 2023

Tour Report: The Farm of Seven Tractors

As the second spot on our short tour together with our good friend Urbex Inn we chose to revisit another location - the abandoned "Farm of Seven Tractors".
I had been there twice before, but a good location can't be visited often enough, and after all, the last visit had been nine months earlier.
Just like last time, we parked the cars at the edge of the nearest field and crept along a hedge until we got to the house.
First we went into the familiar barn with the many tractors. Nothing had changed in the last few months, and all the farm vehicles were still there. However, someone had closed the large gate of the second barn, which suggested that in and again someone looks after the situation.
But maybe it was just another photographer who hoped for better lighting conditions by closing the door. The opposite was the case with us, so that we had to open the gate for reasonable pictures (of course, we closed it again afterwards).
Due to the fact that not much had changed, we spent only a relatively short time on site, and after we - once again - unsuccessfully tried to find an entrance to the farmhouse, we went on our way again. At this point, Urbex Inn unfortunately had to head home, but we still had some time to check out one last location, so we hit the road again.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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