May 22, 2023

Tour Report: Farmhouse "Autumn Leaves"

In August of 2019, we went for the biennial family reunion of my wife Birthe's Danish family. As always, we used the chance to go for a quick tour of the area.
We met with our friend Urbex Inn after breakfast, and then we drove to the first location of the day.
I had visited this abandoned farmhouse eight months earlier with two friends, and I was curious to see how the place looked during the summer.
The house was hard to spot in January behind the bushes and trees that had grown over the years, but in August, there was no sign of it because the leaves blocked the view completely. Luckily, I remembered where it was, so we found it easy enough.
We parked in the same parking lot as the first time, and then made our way through the undergrowth to get to the old farmhouse.
The condition was unchanged even after eight months - only, it was significantly darker due to the many leaves that covered the trees and bushes and therefore less light could penetrate inside through the windows. The foliage also provided a unique green light in the house, which in turn created an exciting atmosphere. 
Since the farmhouse is not too big, we were done with our tour after a relatively short time and had all the photos we wanted.
So then it was back to the car and we headed to the next location. Another farmhouse was waiting for us.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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