May 6, 2023

Tour Report: Rail Yard "Ivy"

After exploring the abandoned school, we still had some time to check out one more location before we had to head home. So we drove back to the nearby city, because from there it was more or less a straight shot home on the highway. Right next to the city's main train station are the remains of the local rail yard. In earlier times, almost every larger train station had its own rail yard to conduct repairs and be able to quickly allocate locomotives and train cars. That was of course in a time when centralization of services wasn't the way to go yet. Most of the smaller rail yards had been closed towards the end of the last century in favor of large central maintenance hubs.
This particular rail yard was closed in 1998, so at the time of our exploration, it had been abandoned for more than twenty years.

As we arrived, we found a good place to park in a side road. From there, we walked a few minutes to the fence on the back of the premises and quickly discovered an opening where we could squeeze through. Since the active station was right next to the rail yard, we had to be careful not to be spotted, but the vegetation provided a little bit of cover.

Probably because of the populated area, the condition of the place was pretty good in terms of vandalism. Of course, there were a few graffiti, but there has been far less trash dumped than in similar locations that I've visited. Additionally, there was some really nice green decay, so it was a good spot to finish off our tour.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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