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Bunkers are remnants of terrible times.
Whether it's the frightenig reality of a firestorm during World War II or the possibility of total annihilation during the cold war, bunkers had their share of history in the past 80 years.
Some of them have been built to protect civilian people or military operations, and some have been built to protect the very weapons from whose destructive force people would be hiding in other bunkers.
From the submarine bunkers of scandinavia to the fortifications of the Maginot Line, from the Atlantic Wall and the Siegfried Line to the Wolf's Lair - bunkers are stone monuments of death and terror.
Most of them have been demolished after the war and reclaimed by nature, some have been brought to new use, and some are still almost untouched, barely awakening from their decade-long slumber when their walls are grazed by the beam of my flashlight...

Here you can find a list of the military objects and bunkers I have visited in the past.

This is a gallery of some of my bunker photos.

The photos here are from the following bunkers (click on the link to get to the blog post):

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