July 7, 2018

Tour Report: The Moorish Estate

After finishing our exploration of the old paper mill and having the cake safely stowed away in the car, we sort of went on our way home.
Sort of, because we had one more place planned for the way back since it was almost on the way.
After a drive of about 45 minutes, we reached our destination - an ensemble of buildings contructed in moorish style. It used to be an estate where new methods of agriculture were tested, before the Soviets took over the place after World War II.
The area was completely open - there were only a few remains of fences, so we could walk right onto the premises.
Obviously - as in many places of the area - the local population has used some of the buildings and the surrounding fields for dumping trash, so a lot of the place wasn't really photogenic anymore.
But the style of the buildings together with the somewhat dark and pretty cloudy weather did make for some nice photos.
Unfortunately, the condition of the floors in the main building was so bad that we had to limit ourselves to the ground floor.
Towards the end of our explore we saw some teenagers with bikes as well as an older couple with a car who were also checking out the place. It seemed like a rather popular place...

After about one and a half hours, we got back to the car and really went on our way home :)

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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