April 16, 2023

Tour Report: Command Post W13

After we finished our exploration of the communications bunker, we moved on to the next bunker. For this we only had to drive a short distance down the road and then a bit through the forest - actually only a short hop, but with an Audi TT on the uncleared forest roads it was already an adventurous drive.

We parked the car on a forest path next to a former guard post and made our way through the thicket. Soon we could make out some concrete parts as well as the supply and exhaust pipes.
It was quite clear - below us was the former joint command post of an air defense missile regiment and a radio engineering battalion.

The main entrance had obviously been bricked up a long time ago, but we found an open emergency exit that we could use as an entrance.
It felt like a very long way down, even if it was only a few meters in the end - but such a first entrance is quite exciting, and can distort the perception a bit :)

Through the emergency exit we first entered the room with ventilation and air conditioning. From there, we went down the hall to the radio distribution room and on to the storage room. After a short look into the airlock of the main entrance we explored the annex consisting of three FB-3 tube bunkers. After that, we headed back out into the sun - because we had two more locations to explore that day....

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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