December 4, 2015

The House of the Hunter

After the three-spot-tour at the end of May, it was four weeks of cold turkey for me. No tours for an entire month, and it took some effort to convince my friend Nordgriller Urbex to join me on a short trip that even allowed us to stay in our home state.
It was a short ride of only about 60 kilometers, so we were there rather quickly and headed for the first location, an abandoned mansion that used to be an old farm house but was then expanded to a pretty large estate house.
First we did our usual drive-by to check out the area. Then we found a spot to park, got our stuff and walked along the fence.
The house is right in the middle of a residential area near a lake with a recreational area and the weather was pretty good, so there were alot of people passing us. We waited for the right moment and squeezed through a hole in the fence.
After that, it was only a short walk through the park surrounding the main house, and the only task left was to find a way in. After a couple of minutes, we had found a window which wasn't as firmly shut as the other, and we made our way in.
The house itself isn't really spectacular. The last owner seems to have been a hunter or taxidermist (more likely hunter) because there were a lot of stuffed animals, antlers and bones lying around in one of the rooms. Another room was full of oriental rugs, si I think that at some point in the past 20 years, someone wanted to renovate the house and started by putting things of a kind together in rooms...and then stopped.
After about an hour and a half, we left for the next spot.

To find out more about the history of this mansion and to check out all photos from this interesting spot, click the button below!

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  1. Puh, Glück gehabt, dass da keine kautabakspuckenden Hinterwäldler aufgetaucht sind. So gehen Filme los... ;o)


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