December 25, 2015

Neo-Classical Castle G.

On a beautiful day in the middly of July, my wife, myself and two urbex colleagues drove east to explore variouis castles and mansions in the eastern part of Germany.
The first spot was this beautiful abandoned neo-classical mansion that was last used as a hotel until about five years ago.
My wife and I were driving togehter with Lichtbeschatter Photography, and we got to the little town just as we had planned. The rain that had been pouring that morning had stopped and the sun had come out.
We got out of the car and while we had to wait for the fourth guy, we took a short walk and did a preliminary exploration of the park around the mansion, but we didn't see a way in.
When the last guy arrived, we started walking around the building again. During our second round, I noticed a basement window which seemed to be accessible. I pushed the wooden board aside that had been leaning against the window from the inside and squeezed myself through the tiny hole in the window.
The others didn't want to go in that way at first, so I walked around the ground floor inside the building quickly to see if there was another option to get in, but there was none, so the others had to squeeze in as well.

The place was everything we had hoped for - almost no vandalism, beautiful staircases and great light. It was a great place and a great exploration.
When we were finished, we climbed out of the basement window and were waiting for the last guy who was taking a little longer with his photos. While we were waiting, sitting on the steps in front of the main entrance, the gardener drove by on his little tractor and we got to meet him and his dog Helga.
We had a nice little chat with him. I think he knew exactly what we were up to. He told us about some guys from Leipzig who had been there the weekend before and who were caught unscrewing one of the front windows in an attempt to get inside...
We weren't caught, and I think he apprecuiated the respect with which we were talking about the beautiful mansion, so he left again and we were able to continue our tour...

To find out more about the history of this castle and to check out all photos from this beautiful place, click the button below!

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  1. schöne Stimmung... lag der Ball schon da, oder kam der angerollt...? o.O


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