November 19, 2015

Secret Bunker of the "Stasi" [Revisit]

After exploring the Clinic for Radiology, I asked the girls if they'd ever seen an underground bunker and suggested that we go check out one that I'd first visited about eight months before.
It was a bunker of the East German Secret Police ("Stasi"), from which the police force would have been controlled in case of a civil uprising.
Due to the secrecy, the bunker had been built right in the middle of the woods, but the access was pretty easy.
In contrast to my first visit, the entrance above the ground was open, so we didn't have to climb down the emergency exit. After we had entered the above-ground building that conceals the bunker entrance, I barred the door to prevent people (especially security guards or other people of the sort) from following us and to give the appearance that the entrance was sealed.
So we went down the stairs to the bunker, and after a while we heard the sheet metal door rattle. I wasn't really sure, the rattling was too loud and too long to just be the wind, but after about ten minutes, it stopped.
I suspect that it was either kids trying to enter or it was in fact someone whose old motor scooter we had seen parked in front of one of the other buildings on the premises...but I can't be sure.
Anyway, the niose stopped, we finished taking our photos, left everything the way we had found it and left the bunker on the same way her had entered it. There was no one to see, so we went back to the car. Shortly after we got there, an old guy passed us on the blue motor scooter that we had seen, but he didn't look particularly angry or anything.
It was a nice part of the tour; I managed to get some shots that I'd missed the first time, and the girls had a sppoky experience.

To find out more about the history of this bunker and to check out all photos from this interesting spot, click the button below!

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