November 11, 2015

Clinic for Radiology S.

Two weeks after exploring the abandoned retirement home, the girls and I had scheduled the next tour. This time, we had opted for an area a little further to the East.
I had picked a couple of spots along with some alternatives along the way in case one or more obejcts were inaccessible.
Like the last time, I took the train and was picked up at the station. After about an hour, we arrived at the first location - an abandoned clinic for radiology.
I had found this spot listed as "probably for sale" on some website, but hadn't found any other information regarding the owner. The building probably still belongs to the hospital chain that operated the clinic but moved into a bigger building in the mid-2000's.
Anyway, the clinic lies next to a little lake in a residential area, and we had to wait a little before making our way over the fence an onto the premises.
At first, it didn't look too good in terms of a way in. All doors were looked tightly and obviously hadn't been opened for quite some time. The windows were sealed and had stickers with the name of a security firm on them. If a window was opened, the seal broke, so potential security patrols can easily spot if the window had been opened. After what felt like an eternity of wandering around the building, trying to avoid being seen by people walking by, I found a broken seal on one of the basement windows, and the window was in fact still open. We were in!
The security measures seemed to be relativley effective. There was not too much vandalism and only a few graffiti.
On the other hand, there was not too much decay either since it has only been abandoned for a couple of years.
It was a nice spot though, because it was nearly entirely unknown as a location, and of course it's always nice to find a new spot :)

To find out more about the history of the clinic and to check out the full gallery, click the button below.


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