November 7, 2015

Retirement Home I.

This was a pretty spontaneous tour in early May together with two friends that I'd been to various other locations in the past.
I had gotten a tip about this location and after a short consultation, we had planned a tour. The next day, I took the train, and the girls picked me up with their car at the station.
The location was an abandoned retirement home. Nothing spectacular, just an abandoned building complex hidden right in a suburban residential area.
Within about five minutes, we had arrived at the desired spot, had parked the car and were looking for a way in. This was harder that expected. There was no apparent opening. No shattered windows, open doors or holes of any kind. We had heard about a way in over the roof, but it looked pretty much sealed. Just before we decided to try the roof, I found that one of the terrace doors wasn't closed properly and "locked" from the inside by a clable that had been tied around the doorknob.
I managed to loosen the cable and open the door and we were in.
As expected, there was nothing spectacular to find, but what made this location unique was the remarkable lack of vandalism of any kind. There were no broken windows, no graffiti, no metal thieves at work...this was an untouched location.
Except of course for the police abviously using it as a training area. we found cardboard characters and paint munitions.
But since it was sunday, we were undisturbed and found some nice photos to take...and the old wheelnchair gave me a good opportunity for a gas mask shot!!

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