February 4, 2014

Four Floors Underground - The Nuclear Shelter (Part 2)

Every one of the ten warning areas in Western Germany got their own warning station - including the underground shelter - that was under direct control of the Office for Civil Defense.
The "nerve center" of each warning station was the huge two-floor high Operations Room in which numerous communication seats and ABC-Situation as well as general warning charts were located.
Here, all the relevant data was collected and used to make decisions concerning public warnings and information.
Here, all the communication took place in the direction of the affiliate state or district governments but also to all the data suppliers.
Among these data suppliers were "in-house" services such as the liaison to the NATO's situation rooms and the warning service's measuring points as well as organizations like the German Meteorological Service and the German Flight Control Office.
In the situation room, the ABC- and air situation was constantly tracked on huge charts. These were first made of paper, later from glass and had a size of about 5x5 meters.
The draftsmen had to draw from the rear side of the map to guarantee an unimpeded view for the personnel.
The map you see in this post is the small version that was left when the bunker was abandoned.

Also in this post, you will see some of the operational facilities, such as heating, electrical controls etc.

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