April 16, 2012

Old Garbage Incineration Plant Pt. 2

Today I extracted the photos I took with my Fujifilm camera at the old garbage incineration plant.
I have to say that I realize more and more that the only camera that I actually NEED is my iPhone.
When I was out exploring yesterday, it almost felt like a drag to even get out the camera instead of the iPhone.
Okay, there is one significant advantage the camera has over the iPhone: It has a wristband to keep it from falling. Actually, aside from the picture sensor (which has improved significantly in the latest iPhone), the wristband might be the only reason I'm still caryying a camera - if I drop the camera (which is quite improbable because of the writband, get it?), the only thing that's lost is the camera...if I drop my phone...I hate to say it, half my life would be gone...
Anyway, I extracted the photos from the camera and yes, of course I overworked them with my iPhone :)
Here they are, enjoy.

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