April 6, 2012

Playing with Photos. Part 4.

A couple of days ago, I was experimenting with the Macro-Lens of the Olloclip addition for my iPhone. This little spider in by bathroom came in pretty handy at that time. Of course, my wife said something like "Pleeeeeeeeeaaase, get it out of here NOW!", but she laughed when the first thing I got was not a tissue or the vacuum cleaner but my iPhone.
Anyway, the macro photo came out pretty nice, I think, and after a little work with Camera+ and Instagram I had this little beauty.

That same night, I sat at the dinner/TV/computer table and was trying different combinations of Hipstamatic films and lenses and put on the macro lens once again and got this nice close-up of the tip of my cigarette:

I rather like smoking. Of course, I know it is not really healthy for me, but I think besides the taste, it gives a nice and comfortable atmosphere and it goes perfectly with drinking, which I also rather like :)

This photo was also taken with the iPhone and I went over it with Pixlromatic and Shock-My-Pic.

Just a shot of two people sitting in a bar talking. I like the atmosphere. This is a normal iPhone photo, cropped and revamped with Camera+ and Instagram.

And last but not least, my current profile photo in original size. I dont'really remember which apps I used, but I took the photo with the Everyday app.

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