September 23, 2017

Tour Report: The Secret Command Post

Our three-day tour through the Northeastern part of Germany started exactly one year ago today. Nordgriller Urbex and I had chosen the Recreation Home "Moss Lover's" as our first spot on the way to our main area of exploration.
We had finished the first day with a nice evening at our friend's place where we also spent the night.
As always, we started with a nice little breakfast and then went on our way.
I had a list of spots in the area that we could choose from, but for some reason, it became a bunker tour. Mmmmh...I really like bunkers!
The first spot we had picked for the day was really something. There is only two more facilities of this kind in Germany. In an area that carries a dark piece of history from the Third Reich with it, there is a large subterranean bunker complex built by the East German military as a command post and an intelligence gathering and telephone platform.
There are at least six underground bunkers as well as some above ground buildings.
We had to walk a while on a "nature discovery" path that led us along a fence surrounding the area until we found an opening. Part of the area is still active, althtough we donn't know to what extent, and we quickly went across an open field to find some cover. We quickly found the entrance to the first bunker, and we were surprised that it was still in relatively good condition.
It was the same with the other bunkers. Of course, the copper thieves had found their way into some of the bunkers, but overall, the condition was really good.
We left after we had to jump into the bushes when a car came driving around the corner and we heard people talking not too far away from where we were.
This was one of the most interesting bunker complexes I've had the pleasure to visit until now, and I'm still planning a revisit to check out the parts that we've missed.

To find out more about the history of this li'l ol' place and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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