September 10, 2017

Tour Report: Butter Factory N.

After finishing our exploration of the abandoned inn, we still had a lot of time left, so my friend Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland and I decided to check out a potentially cool, but also risky location, an old butter factory.
So we drove for about an hour, and upon arriving, we saw huge posters on the fence that the area was protected by a security service. Not very reassuring, but we wanted to go take a quick peek nonetheless. We found a place to park that couldn't be seen from the road or the factory building, so we were pretty sure that we wouldn't rise any suspicions.
When we got to the street side of the factory, we saw that there were only bushes seperating the street from the area. No fence, but a large, flat area where you could be spotted just like that. So we decided to take the harder, but less visible way and walk around about half the place to climb over a fence in the back.
One on the premises, we started looking for a way in, but it seemed that there was no access whatsoever. All doors and windows were tightly locked. But the place looked so interesting, we desperately wanted to find a way in...
...which we eventually did. I won't go into the details, but it involved climbing up a chimney and across roofs as well as unstable metal pipes and a courageous jump across an eternal abyss ;)
This way we were at least able to explore the main production and storage facility of the old butter factory. Some buildings remained inaccessible for us.
We didn't leave the way we came in - we left through one of the doors at ground level (which of course we locked behind uns again) and took the easy way through the bushes.

Although we haven't seen anything of a security service,I've heard that other explorers have made different experiences and weren't necessarily greeted as friends...

To find out more about the history of this li'l ol' place and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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