September 3, 2017

Tour Report: Recreation Home "Moss Lover's"

It was the first out of up until now three times that I've visited this place, and it has some of the coolest decay that I have seen so far.
The day was already hot as hell when we left our friend's house relatively early to head home. We had planned to be home early in the evening to have some time to unpack, but had planned some time to explore the old recreation home that was conveniently enough almost right in our path.
Wen we got to the place, we did a drive-by first to check the situation and look for possible entrances.
The way in that I had planned wasn't going to work out due to neighbors sitting right next to it in their yard. So we had to find another parking place which was a bit farther off, and we had to walk the long way to get to the location.
Naturally, it hadn't cooled down, so in the heat around noon, we walked to the location and there was no shade anywhere. Aceessing the place was easy enough, no fences, gates or even signs anywhere.
Although it was darker inside the buildings, it wasn't significantly cooler - and it was considerably moldier.
Rarely have I seen so much mold and moss in such a small area. The windward side of the contruction itself has drawn so much water over the years that the entire part of the building has turned into mold and moss.
I really wished I'd packed my filter mask. I swore I would remember that the next time around...which of course, I didn't.
Anyway, after checking out the residential part of the place, we looked around and found the rest pretty much trashed, so we went back to the car and drove off to be home in time for drinks ;)

To find out more about the history of this li'l ol' place and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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