February 19, 2014

High Voltage - The Abandoned Cable Production Factory (Part 4)

The basement...yes, I like basements, and whenever I find one, I have to go down the stairs to find out what's waiting for me there...
In this case, it was mostly burnt walls and some burnt furniture as well.
It appears as though generations of vandals each had a go at the destruction of the basement.
The walls are massive though, almost as if they were also meant as makeshift civilian shelters in case of war. But there were no really heavy doors to support that theory, nore was there other stuff usually found in these shelters.
There was a very long tunnel down there that probably runs below the entire lenth of the complex. If that is true, it would be about 300 meters long. That's something I have to check out the next time I go there. For this time, we didn't have enough time to go on exploring the basement since we still wanted to go visit the abandoned location next door across the field.
So we got out of the basement, checked out a couple more rooms and halls and moved on....to the Abandoned Factory for Photochemicals...stay tuned!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


  1. tolle eindrücke, vor allem die "gesichter" auf dem zweiten bild :)
    liebe grüße,

    1. Jaja, Dinge mit Gesicht...immer wieder ein kleines Highlight :)
      Danke Dir!!


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