October 6, 2021

Tour Report: Maison "Musette"

After we'd finished exploring the Farm of Seven Tractors, we got on the way to the next location that we had planned - an abandoned mill. On the road happened something that most urban explorers experience frequently: All the heads in the car turn simultaneously in the same direction, jaws drop, and air is sucked into the lungs, preparing to yell "Stop!".

Right by the side of the road, we had spotted a farmhouse. It looked abandoned, although in Denmark, this is not always a safe assumption, because sometimes the houses really just look abandoned, but in fact are not - and you can get a hell of a shock when you're peeking through a window and suddenly a face appears...

But in this case, we were pretty sure that this house was abandoned - no trash cans in front, no cars in the driveway - and the front door was wide open!

So we turned the car around and parked behind one of the barns, so the car couldn't be seen from the road right away. A short look into the barn proved that our assumption regarding the status of abandonment was correct - the barn was empty except for a lot of trash that had been dumped there.

Upon entering the house, we were amazed at the condition the place was in. Although the door was open, there were no broken windows, no vandalism or graffiti, and even the few pieces of furniture that had been left, were in pretty decent shape.

The house itself is pretty small, so there wasn't a whole lot to see, but we still managed to get a few nice shots out of it. With the exception of the first barn that was full of trash, the other barns were completely empty, which was a bit of a disappointment, since we had just seen a barn full of old tractors only an hour before.

But this is lament on a high level - after all, we had  found a great unexpected and unvandalized spot, so of course we were happy!

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