October 18, 2021

Tour Report: The Mill in the Meadow [Revisit]

I undertook my third and probably last visit to this abandoned mill during a tour through Denmark together with my good friend Pixelcracker. It was kind of on the way home from the tour, so we decided for a quick stop.

The situation was the same as during the two previous visits - it was a rather rainy day, and there was no one around that would look with feelings of suspicion upon two German tourists sneaking around the ruin. So we parked a little down the road - only a little, because we didn't want to walk too far in the rain...

The door was still open, and we walked right in. I was a bit disappointed, because a lot of the cool stuff had been taken - the old field telephone was gone, as was the old BP Synergol oil canister and some parts of the machinery were gone as well.

There were still a few nice shots left, and we spent a good amount of time in the place. Towards the end, we checked out the basement - the first two times I hadn't even seen that there was an outside door into the basement. There was a lot of only marginally interesting stuff there, mostly wooden boards and remains of old furniture. However - what caught our eye were the two old baby strollers that were in the middle of it all. They weren't in the best condition anymore, but it's still something that you don't find every day. Photographing them wasn't the easiest thing, because it was pitch dark in the basement. In the end, it worked out nicely, and we got back out and drove back south across the border.

To find out about the history of the place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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