September 22, 2021

Tour Report: The Farm of Seven Tractors [Revisit]

Only one week after my first visit to this place, I went for a revisit. My friend Pixelcracker had seen a few of the pictures I had taken and asked if I was up for another visit there. I was really happy about this opportunity - not only because I like to go exploring, but mainly because during the first visit, I had forgotten that my camera was set to take JPEG photos only...this visit gave me the chance to take the photos again in RAW format!

So we drove up to Denmark to check on the tractors and the Volkswagens. They were all still there, and nothing had changed. You might say that this is not a surprise, but in urban exploration, it actually is, because you can never be sure if the vandals hit a place shortly after (or before) your visit or if the cars have been sold and taken away or if the place gets demolished. Luckily, this wasn't the case here, so we had a nice morning takng photos. I actually took more photos than during the first visit, because I also focused on a few details, such as the headlights of the Beetles.

After about an hour or so, we left and got back on the road to check out another location.

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