September 14, 2021

Tour Report: A Few Cars by the Road

It actually happens pretty often: You're on your way from one location to the next, or you're already on your way home - and then you look out of the car window, and you spot something that might be worth at least a second look. It happens - someone always yells, "Stop! We have to check this out!".

Usually it's because there's an old brick chimney somewhere (always a good sign) or a building with boarded windows, but in this case, there were a few cars just standing there on the yard of a former farmhouse. We stopped the car, parked on the field right next door and walked over to the house. It didn't really look abandoned, nor did it really look lived in, but we rang the bell anyway. No one opened, so we looked around to see if we spotted anyone who may be able to tell us something about the place. There was not a soul in sight.

So we decided to just take a few photos of the cars and then be on our way again.

The cars were all British built, but with one exception all made for the continental market with the steering wheel on the left side. Finding British cars again was nice for a change, since for some reason, in Denmark we mostly find Volvos and various German cars.

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