November 21, 2020

Tour Report: Air Raid Shelter below Berlin (II)

A bird never flew on one wing. That was our thought as we exited the first air-raid shelter that our friend Toeppi had organized for us to visit. So we got on the way to fill this lack of bunkers with yet another air-raid shelter.

This second shelter was below a kindergarten, and the access tunnel was right on a municipal contruction yard. We just walked across to the offices, and Toeppi asked if he could show the bunker to us. The foreman said yes right away, and so we went straight to the heavy access door and climbed down the stairs. 

The bunker was in worse condition than the first one. Water had accumulated on the floor, so we had to step on bricks that someone had put there so we wouldn't get our feet wet. Obviously, the water had been dripping from the ceiling at various points. There were many dripstones - some hanging from the ceilings, others were on the floor, and some were even "growing" on wooden plates that were leaning against a wall. We checked out all of the eighteen rooms, and I took the opportunity to play around a bit with different colors of light before we went back up into daylight.

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