December 22, 2018

Tour Report: House "Gammel Dansk" [DK]

The day after my birthday last year, my wife and I went for a tour through Denmark together with our good friends Pixelcracker and Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland.
We had a couple of spots planned and so we started out pretty early. We met in Flensburg on the parking lot of a mall where Pixelcracker picked us up with his RV.
Thr first spot on our list was a small house just a short drive from the border.
The trash cans in front of the house looked relatively new. This is the case with many abandoned homes in Denmark, but it still makes you move a little more carefully just in case that someone does still live there.

Nobody lived here anymore. The front door was wide open, and someone had obviously looked through the stuff in the rooms.
There wasn't too much decay, so the house obviously hadn't been abandoned for too long, I think. The house itself was small and had only a couple of rooms. Some clothes were still on the hangers, books were lying around and there was a bottle of typical Danish liquor - hence the name of the place.
It was no spectacular explore but a nice and easy spot to warm up for the rest of the day.

To check out all the photos of this little place and to find more galleries, click the button below.

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