December 27, 2018

Tour Report: Home of the Rustbucket [DK]

Pretty close to a dirt racing track lies this abandoned farm that we visited together with Pixelcracker and Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland on our tour through Denmark in May of last year. It was the third spot of the tour and although unspectacular from the outside, it turned out to be a pretty neat place.
There was a race going on on the dirt track, so the surrounding roads were all full of parked cars almost right up to the location that we were headed for. So we blended in nicely when we parked right in front of the place.
We had hoped for a little more than just the remains of an old farm, but that's what it was. There weren't even any real remains of the farmhouse, only two ramshackle barns were left, one of them with a collapsed roof. It didn't look too promising...
But the first thing we saw when we entered the larger of the two barns was an old threshing machine. You don't see that everyday, so it was a pretty nice find. There were some other tools and relics to be found in the large barn as well, but the second highlight presented itself in the second barn. There were the remains of an old horse-drawn wagon with beautifully decaying wooden wheels - and an old automobile. It took some time to find out what type of car it was, but after a while, we came to suspect that it is a Chrysler/Talbot Sunbeam built in the late 1970s.
At some point during our explore, two little girls entered the barn, and my wife did her best entertaining them in Danish until we were finished exploring the place so they wouldn't get hurt climbing around in the old barn.
After two rather empty and a bit disappointing spots on that tour, these two barns were a nice find because of the nice decay and the nicely preserved machine we found in there. It was a good sign for the next location, I think...

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