December 9, 2018

Tour Report: The Baron's Castle [Revisit]

The second of three abandoned castles I visited on our tour in May of last year together with North Urbex, Pixelcracker and Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland was also one that I'd visited before.
And I have to look back at this first time for the start of my story about this visit.
As we had finished our first visit of this castle in July of 2015, we were sitting on the steps in front of the main door of the castle waiting for the last one of our crew to exit the castle through a basement window in the back, when the caretaker showed up on his little tractor - along with his German Shepherd. We had a nice talk with him and he introduced us to the dog - her name was "Helga". He told us that he named the dog Helga, because that was also the name of his wife and this way, he only has to remember one name...
Anyway, it was a nice conversation, and he didn't find out about the guy who was still in the house.

Two and a half years later, I arrived with my friends - and at that moment, the caretaker came on his tractor and drove right to the side of the castle and started cutting the grass...damn!
Because of the "history" I had with him, I got out of the car and went towards him. Helga the dog greeted me happily, and the cartetaker seemed a bit puzzled that I knew the dog's name. I introduced myself and he remembered the talk we had more than two years ago. I explained to him that I was there with a couple of friends and we were wondering if we could get into the castle to take some photos. He said that the baron wouldn't be too happy about that and that he was near impossible to reach to ask for permission.
And then he said..."and it's all locked tightly, so you couldn't get in anyway."
Did we hear correctly? Did he just challenge us?
So we asked if it was okay to take photos - if - we found a way in. He didn't really say yes, but neither did he really say no... So we told him that we were going around to check out the castle from the outside - the challenge still ringing in our ears...

Of course we did find a way in.
I'm not going to go into the details, but when we got out after about two hours and decided to say goodbye to the caretaker, he was mighty pissed at us, saying that he'd told us not to enter the building. We replied that we'd taken his words as a challenge and told him about our way in.
I can still hear his words as he was looking at the narrow access, then at one of us, saying "The fat one never made it through there!"

In the end, we were all friends again, and we even got a half hour history lecture about the castle from the caretaker, which made the visit even more worthwile!

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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