March 31, 2018

Tour Report: Hotel N.

While reasearching for the tour we started with the exploration of the abandoned recreation home, I had found some large buildings that looked abandoned and interesting, but I hadn't been able to find out what it was or if it was in fact abandoned.
So we decided to incorporate it into the tour and make it our second lcoation of the day.
As we drove up to the building, it became obvious that it was very abandoned - and probably heavily vandalized. But - if you're there, you go check it out, and that's what we did.
We parked almost right in front of the spot (there was no other parking spot anywhere) and went through a huge hole in the fence.
As soon as we entered, it was clear that this was an old hotel. Historically, I can't say if it was a hotel or recreation home during the German separation or if it was maybe even military barracks and became a hotel only after the reunification.
Anyway, we started our walkthrough. The vandalism was heavy and it appeared as if not only metal thieves have had their share...almost all the standard size windows had been removed - including the frames! I suspect that either the local population or construction companies from Poland or elsewhere have taken them out to sell or reuse them.
At one point of our exploration, we heard a car arrive and park. Shortly after that, we heard someone walk over the premises and enter the building, so we held our breath and waited what was happening next. After a little while, we started hearing an angle grinder. That went on for about ten minutes, followed by a couple of minutes of silence.
Then, we heard a loud scraping sound accompanied by heavy breathing and cursing. The sound came from one side of the building, went through the building and came out the other side.
As we looked out through the window, we saw an older guy drag a heavy metal door across the open field towards his car. Every couple of meters, he stopped to catch his breath and cursed at the heavy door. When he arrived at his car, he loaded the door into the car and just drove off.
It was a weird, but also funny experience - and seeing this guy supported the theory that the regional populace uses the materials from this old builöding for construction purposes...

To check out all the photos from this vandalized little place, click the button below.

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