March 1, 2018

Tour Report: Hospital H.

It was the third day of our tour through the middle of Germany together with our friend Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex in November of 2016. We'd had a nice dinner with the family the evening before, and strengthened in such a way, we were ready for another day of exploring.
The first spot we'd chosen was an abandoned hospital about an hour drive away from where we were staying, which was nice because it meant we didn't have to get up too early.
It was a cold morning. We picked up Freddy, who was staying at my borther-in-law's place, smoked a cigarette and drove off.
We got the the hospital at ar ound 10 in the morning. We parked in a public spot with some other cars near a senior citizen's home and started looking around. Parts of the old hospital appeared to be in use by an unemployment office or something. The lights were on and there were people inside. So we tried the other side of the hospital. Through the windows, we could see the rooms, empty, but in relatively good condition.
But we didn't find a way in. We checked every window and looked for air vents or something, but there was nothing. Just when we were about to give up, I spotted a door that we hadn't checked yet, because it was clearly visible from the street, and I decided to check it anyway. It was open. Withing a few seconds, we were in.
Part of the hospital was inaccessible - the doors to the pahtology were firmly locked at that point, but we managed to find a lot of great shots and we did spent a few hours in there before getting back out and having a short breakfast.

To find out more about the history of this creepy ol' place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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