September 7, 2015

Technical Museum B.

This place is pretty well known in the German urbex community.
My wife and I visited it as the first place on our tour a little further south in Western Germany than our usual routes.
It used to be a privately owned car and aviation museum near a spa town in the middle of Germany.
The museum area is made up of several exhibition halls and an outdoor area. The outdoor area leaves the impression of randomly collected militaria from several former Eastern-bloc countries.
The museum was a tourist attraction for the city - even today, there are still roadsings showing the way.

So although we had found out the address and coordinates, the place was really easi to find.
We were a little unlucky bvecause there was some gardener or caretaker working on the premises, and he didn't look too friendly. As we approached him and asked if there was any chance if we could take some photos, he answered rather grimly that we were allowed to take photos from the street and from outside the fence but weren't allowed to enter the property.
So that's what we did; we walked all around the palce and took our pictures. The weather was great, almost a little too much sun for my taste. The publicly accessible area is relatively small, so some people might be disappointed when they go there after seeing the pictures that you can find on the internet, but when you're in the region and are interested in old military (and some other) vehicles, you should definitely check it out!

Some information about the history: The museum was founded at the beginning of the 1970s and was closed in 2007. Since then, there is no information concerning the exhibition or plans for a reopening.
Most of the exhibits in the outdoor area and by the side of the road can be freely accessed or viewed from a short distance. Among others, there is a MiG-21 jet, an Mi-8 helicopter and a T-35 tank.

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  1. Was es alles gibt :)

    Schon schade, wie die Stücke da so gammeln, für Fotos natürlich cool ;)

    LG Björn


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