September 20, 2015

Starch Factory A.

On our tour in March, my wife and I drove southwest and on the way down there, we checked out a former technical museum and an abandoned choclate factory.
We spent the night at an apartment in the house of some relatives that live in the area.

The next morning we got up relatively early and drove about 20 kilometers to our first location.
This old starch factory lies right in the center of the city near the main train station, so it looked a bit risky at first.
We found a place to park a little down the street, got our gear out of the car and went over to the factory building. The entire side facing the road was surrounded by a rather high brick wall only interrupted by a large iron gate. So no way in on that side.
On one side of the factory lies a small park that is seperated from the old railway tracks that lead to the factory only ba a high wooden fence. After walking around for a while, we found a pretty small gap between some of the boards and quickly slipped through.
Damn! There it was, another fence, this one made of steel. This was getting harder than we thought...
After wandering along the metal fence for some time, we found that someone had cut a small hole in that fence as well and we managed to squeeze through that one, too.
On the railroad tracks, we made our way to the back side of the factory building.
...only to find that the difficulty level had risen again. All the doors and windows on the ground floor were walled shut, some boarded up, some with brick walls.
The only way in was a window one floor up that could only be reached by a little artistic climbing over the branches of an old dead tree...
But we managed that just fine and after a few minutes we were standing in the abandoned factory halls of the starch factory.

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