October 12, 2014

Secret Bunker of the "Stasi"

The fear of the party and state leadership of the GDR of a new uprising of the population and from military attacks during the 1960s resulted in the creation of a central mobilization system. It was constantly being revised and should be used in an "emergency".
A part of this system were the use of regional operational commands (BEL). They supervised by the National Defence Council and operated by its decisions.

The Order 1/67 "The content and purpose of the mobilization work in the State Security..." decreed by the Ministry of State Security defined the details on mobilization for its area.

Other documents governed the construction and maintenance of alternative spaces ("operational remotely operating agencies and operational reserve agencies"). From 1968 until the 1980s underground "shelters" were built in which it would be possible to maintain a "firm, continuous and covered leadership" during times of war as well as domestic or international tension.

The highest secrecy was applied for these bunkers. Internally, planning and operation was carried out under the code name  "filigree".

Here ist the first load of pictures from this underground station.
For the full gallery, check out my website!


  1. die bilder im gang haben wirklich egoshooter-atmosphäre! ;o)

    1. Ich hätte jetzt eher an einen Film gedacht. "Outpost - Rise of the Spetsnaz" oder so ;)


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