October 16, 2014

Secret Bunker of the "Stasi" (Part 2)

The bunker lies embedded deep in a forest, even the above ground buildings can't be seen from the street. Construction started in 1972 and was executed using precast concrete components, so the building excavation could be filled quickly and even the people in nearby communities didn't have a clue about the construction activity.
Here is some information about the bunker:
  • Size: about 40 meters x 35 meters
  •  Equipment:
    • Fuel tank for 5000 liters of Diesel fuel
    • Filter
    • numerous emergency exits
    • water fountain with a capacity of 6.000 liters per hour
    • reserve water tank for 3.000 liters
    • water-processing unit (3 liters per hour)
    • 3 emergency generators with 36kW

In January of 1990 (10 Months before the German reunification) the object was handed over to the East German people's army. According to the handover certificate the following buildings were handed over in functioning state complete with inventory:

  • sheltered command building
  • multi-purpose building
  • residential building
  • office building
  • storage hall
  • large garage
  • workshop
  • shooting range
Since 1989, the facility lies deserted.
Water and power have been turned off, the supply lines disconnected, and darkness has filled the rooms.

Here is the rest of the pictures from this stunning underground facility.

Part 1 | Part 2

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