June 22, 2014

High Society - Abandoned Ballroom (Part 2)

The establishment survived World War I. Right at the riverfront there were landing stages for guest arriving with row boats or sailing ships. Internationally known singers and musicians performed here.
The place boomed during the 1936 Olympic Games when the water sports competitions were held here.

The ballroom even survived World War II and was kept in poeration during the German separation. It stayed a well-known venue and was used for cultural, social or casual events.

After the collapse of East Germany and the reunification, operation was stopped in 1991 and the ballroom was closed forever.
In 2006, a Turkish businesswoman bought the whole thing for presumably 650.000 Euros with the intention of building a conference hotel. Nothing has happened since.

A notable feature was the grand piano standing in the large ballroom.
It's not there on older photos of this location, and it sounds way too good to be as old and rotten as the building itself.
Obviously someone brought it there.

Part 1 | Part 2


  1. Das hat etwas von einem Gespensterhaus oder Schloss finde ich.
    Gerade mit dem Flügel und den Vorhängen.
    Tolle, eindrucksvolle Bilder, Jan.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Vielen Dank! In der Tat erinnern die Räume in den oberen Stockwerken sehr an Herrenhäuser. Und ich mag ja diese Bogenfenster echt gerne :)


  2. Super geile Fotos...Besonders das erste ist ja wohl der Oberknaller !!


    1. Danke Dir! Ja, so ein Teil ist echt ein Glücksfund, selbst wenn es nicht zum Originalinventar gehört :)


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