June 3, 2014

The Techno Temple - Abandoned Brick Factory

I knew that this location existed, but I did't expect to see it looking out of the window from the malt roastery I was visiting that day. So after I was done there, the tour was extended a bit with one more place.

Historically, there is nothing interesting about this company. Actually, I could hardly find out anything. I think that this factory was part of a larger combine that had production sites all over East Germany.
Form the look of it, parts of the factory building have been used as a location for techno parties for a while. There are a lot of remains from bars, couches, neon colors and other techno-related stuff around.
In fact, the only thing that definitely told me that this really used to be a brick factory was a kiln for baking single bricks, probably for material testing purposes.

The building itself has been almost completely emptied out and taken apart by copper thieves and vandals. Still, a couple of nice shots came out, I think.


  1. Und woanders werden für teures Geld Lofts neu gebaut... ;o)

    1. Ist in ner Stadt, wo man eher weniger hinziehen würde...im Berliner Sinne also quasi "gentrifizierungsresistent" ;)


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